The Submarine

In 1995, when the decommissioned OTWAY was being disposed of, an unsuccessful tender by Holbrook led to discussions and eventually the purchase of the 'outer skin to the waterline' from a Sydney scrap yard.

Resolving the problem of moving the submarine inland, the structure was cut into sections and transported by semi-trailer down the Hume Highway. It was reconstructed at Holbrook with the assistance of a team of unemployed trainees during the New Work Opportunities Program co-ordinated by Billabong Skill Share and Holbrook Shire Council.

The spectacular, traffic-stopping inland submarine is a fitting memorial to those brave men who serve and have served in submarines in both war and peace.

An official dedication of the Submarine Memorial was staged during the Queen's Birthday weekend on 7 June 1997 with Mrs Gundula Holbrook the official guest.

Development of a Submarine Museum housing photographs, submarine components and mock areas of the submarine interior such as engine room, galley and living quarters is now open and worth a visit