Submarine Cafe

Ideally set in the "Germantown Park" adjacent to the Submarine is the Submarine Cafe. Just as the owners Warren and Helen Thompson had built a unique reputation, for quality food and service on the Hume Highway, their Submarine Café in Holbrook was destroyed by fire in May 2003. The loss was not only felt by locals, but also by the multiple tourists and bus companies.

The new Submarine Café was rebuilt and is now open for business. Being situated midway between Melbourne and Sydney is the ideal; the unique new modern building with seating for over 100 people offers exceptional quality food and service.

With a quality indoor dining area, covered deck or under the sail, there is the comfort for all your needs. The coach driver is also welcome to rest in the comfort of leather in our Commanders lounge

Being adjacent to the 92 metre HMAS Otway Submarine, with ample coach parking it is the ideal spot for Coaches to ensure their customers are given the best whilst having a rest.

Coaches and tourist operators are invited to enquire about our Coach Packages that are on offer.

* Quality Coffee
* Gourmet Fresh Foods
* Extensive Range of Delicious Cakes
* Homemade Biscuits
* Alfresco Dining on the Deck
* Clean Customer Amenities

Our Awards

2009 - Restaurant & Catering NSW/ACT Awards for Excellence  

2010 - Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence  

2011 - Savour Australia™ Restaurant & Catering HOSTPLUS Awards for Excellence 2011 – Southern NSW - Breakfast Restaurant Finalist  

2011 - Savour Australia™ Restaurant & Catering HOSTPLUS Awards for Excellence 2011 – Sydney Metropolitan & Surrounds - Café Restaurant Finalist  

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LOT 2 Raymond St  Holbrook NSW 2644

Phone: (02) 6036 2211

Email  : admin@submarinecafe com au



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